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Thank you for visiting 5StarDating. We're glad to have you here. Our goal for 5 Star Dating is to be the best online dating resource for singles everywhere. Online dating is about the power of the Internet and how you can leverage the best singles services to meet incredible singles in and around your area. Bar none, this is the greatest channel on the planet and your participation will make it even better.

By taking part in this new way to date, you'll discover that dating online is about the convenience of being able to meet and mingle with other like minded singles, learn more about them and to see if they are the types of people who you would like to date. So, even though the meeting aspect begins online, the actual dating is very much offline, in person, up close and personal.

As for 5StarDating, this site was created for one purpose and one purpose only – to help highlight and inform singles about the opportunities and benefits of dating online and how it is changing the way everyone meet, date and fall in love. That's it! We do this with honesty, integrity and credibility. Because at the end, it not about us, it is about you experiencing and interacting with new and interesting singles. It is about you, your dating lifestyle and what you want out of life. It's about you and your next new date.

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