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The Pitfalls of Work Place Romance

The workplace seems to dictate the lives of employees, people are constantly in their offices, so is it any surprise that more and more work place romances are happening more than ever?

In the past, the corporate world has grimaced at office romances and in some cases has put caveats in employee's employment that they can't date a co-worker. In many instances, those caveats pertain to superior officers in a workplace being unable to have a romantic relationship with a subordinate.

However, as more and more people work longer hours in all jobs, it's not surprising to find out that many singles have engaged in, or are currently in, a work place romance – you just never know where you are going to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right. Common sense has to come into play and you have to make a conscious decision as to whether or not the relationship is worth chasing – keeping in mind that one of you may have to leave your employment in order to make the relationship work. You should also consider whether or not you could continue to work with someone who you had a relationship with that turned unpleasant.

The cause of office romance isn't shocking either – most job environments are filled with people who share common interests and goals and are busily presenting themselves in the best possible light during their job hours. The work place is a pulsating and active environment for romantic feelings to bud on its own.

Many romantic interludes in the office are shrouded in secrecy, which isn't always the best policy. If you relationship takes a serious turn, you should inform your superiors. It would be far worse for them to learn about your relationship and its escalation through the grape vine.

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