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The Success of the Web Dating Craze

When my best friend from high school told me that she had been having romantic, sexy adventures with men she met at a variety of internet matchmaking sites, I was amused. There's really something for everyone, she told me, as she listed the biggest names in online dating services, including, and

Then, she announced that one relationship was more than a few dates and unbridled passion. She wouldn't be giving that up either, but now she had found someone who made her feel beautiful and loved again, someone who had erased the pain of her divorce and taught her to forgive. Her joy seemed so factual; could she really have found love online?

Although her methods were somewhat dubious, I was overjoyed to say the least. Three years later, they've been married for over two years, have the beginnings of a charming family, and are using the internet to build a different sort of relationship as they shop for the perfect furnishings for their first child's nursery. The tangible and intangible benefits of meeting and greeting online can last a life time.

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