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Don't have the money for an elaborate wardrobe to woo a possible date? Don't have the time or energy to spruce up to meet other singles and when you do it is just another droll and mundane experience? There is a new kid on the block of online matchmaking and it exists in cyberspace.

Virtual worlds are nothing new to the internet. Many have found their calling in creating a persona they can use to interact with others existing in that same world. Now online dating has kicked it up a notch, allowing users to go on an actual date without leaving the comfort of their own homes.

Virtual dating may be the next best thing for those seeking a partner on the internet. One such web personals service has daters choosing a museum, art gallery or other type of activity where they can meet and get to know each other. It enhances the online matchmaking experience in that the avatars react to the other and can easily tell how the date is going.

Some of the gestures the avatars can make are blowing kisses, rolling their eyes, giggling and holding hands. It allows online singles feel as if they are on an actual date without all the hassle involved. If you find you are making a real connection with your virtual date, then it is time that you make plans to meet in real time. In a recent study, those that met and went on virtual dates before meeting in person had much more chemistry between them than those that only read profiles and chatted online.

So if reading this has made you curious, get onto your favorite search engine and find a world of virtual dating where you can go on a really cheap date and with any luck, have a great time and a good night kiss without leaving your easy chair.

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