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As we all know, relationships are difficult. Couples want to please their significant others but many times have no idea on how to go about it. Sometimes two people start a relationship thinking they know what will make the other happy but are disappointed because they were wrong. Men and women want different things in a relationship, which makes it harder to know exactly what to do in the relationship to make the other happy.

Everyone wants to know what it is that turns on the opposite sex. In a recent article, Marianne Jacobbi did a study on data from the dating service. devises questions for their members and then matches them up singles according to their answers.

One of the questions relates to what turns a person on along with a list of 16 choices of things that would turn someone on. When Jacobbi looked at the data from 100 women and 100 men, she found that only half of the women answered the question. However, the question was answered by all of the men. Jacobbi speculates that it may be due to two factors, women are less likely to divulge such personal information especially on the internet and that maybe the choices just weren't what excite most women.

However, Jacobbi did find some similarities between men and women. Both sexes found flirting, candlelight, dancing, boldness, brainiacs and public displays of affection to be definite turn-ons. To no surprise, the biggest differences were that men chose erotica three times more as a turn on than the women.

But after all, women and men are built differently in most aspects of life including what turns them on. Understanding that women and men are different can help in identifying what to do in your relationship. Knowing what each dating partner needs and wants is a good way to achieve a long lasting and happy relationship.

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