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If you treat your relationships like a business acquisition or a shopping trip, you'll find great success in love. That seems to be the thesis of this article written by Donna Fish. As always, take everything you read here with a grain of salt.

According to this relationship article, we women have a terrible time dealing with our pesky biological clocks. In our twenties, we are footloose and fancy-free, dating whom we please. When we reach our thirties, we become slaves to our ovaries, which demand serious, long term relationships. And apparently, we have an awful time figuring out how to find a long-term mating partner.

The article suggest creating a shopping list of traits you're looking for in a long term mate, and sorting them into categories of things you must have, and things you're willing to do without. On its surface, this compatibility list isn't bad advice, but if you've reached thirty and don't already know these things, you may want to take a step back from looking for a serious relationship.

If you haven't figured out which matchmaking traits you think are most important in a man by the age of thirty, the odds are good you're not ready to go looking for something long term.

You could go on to read the rest of this article, but allow me to distill her three-step program into something a bit more palatable: Figure out the difference between what you want, and what you need, in a relationship. Don't waste time worrying about being judged for your choices. Just decide what makes you happy, and then go look for someone who can give that to you.

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