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Where Are The Singles At?

Most of us are living single longer and further into our adult lives than our parents and the generations before them. Many reasons abound to explain this; many younger singles prefer to take their time finding personal fulfilment, career and financial wise before getting into a serious relationship. Or it could just be that the right one has not come along.

But when that crucial time comes to look for your better half and decide to settle down, where will you be looking? Or better still which cities or areas of the country attract more singles than others? As you may already know there is more luck in large numbers.

A recent special report revealed that certain cities attract singles more than others do. The report is a result of a survey of cities across the country. San Francisco came top of the list gaining top marks for the number of singles, online dating and yes 'cool' factor. San Francisco also has a reputation of being a single person heaven for the number of activities and options available for a single person. Besides an open minded attitude to intimacy, it offers lots of options to keep singles busy; from unique speed dating occasions to kissing classes and late night grocery outlets where you are likely to pick a snack and a date too.

New York was second mainly for being the top destination for night life. And Los Angeles was third. The factors that kept singles in and flocking to these cities include nightlife, online dating and the population of singles. Another important factor was job growth because singles and especially younger ones are looking out for interesting, more rewarding and well paying opportunities.

So now you know; if you have been having trouble getting a date, may be it is not about you but it could be your dating field. But it does not mean you have to move to San Francisco or New York, because even cities that did not do so well, scored high in other areas. Denver was ranked 16 th in the poll but was the winner in terms of low cost of living.

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