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The Team Dating Approach

Is dating a team event? In some locales it is, and in others, it's growing in popularity. While the concept is simple – basically a group of women meets a group of men at a social place and they mingle with each other – it has both its positives and negatives.

The Pros

Of course, team dating takes the pressure off an uncomfortable first date situation. You know the one where you meet someone and realize five minutes into the date that there is no chemistry, there are no sparks and you've already used up every possible topic of common interest the two of you share. Now you're left with an hour or two of awkward moments to endure. Team dating takes that pressure off – a guy doesn't do it, move onto another.

Many 'team daters' have a group that they register online with. Then they either wait to be contacted by another group of the opposite sex or do the initial contact themselves, decide to meet in masses and have some fun. But what are the negatives to this style of dating?

The Cons

If you are on a one-on-one date, you have the opportunity to get to know someone and to have them get to know you. It's much easier to capture their attention with your personality, sense of humor and intelligence instead of your figure or beauty. If your date doesn't turn out well, you know then that it's because you two had nothing in common and weren't the right match for each other. With team dating, the problem can be another member of your 'team' stepping in on the guy you like.

Of course, the concept of team or group dating is one that will eventually peter out as the members of your group do find dates of their own. And like most other things in life, you get to decide how you want to date. Whether it be through a group dating service or a mainstream dating service, the step of signing on and being engaged is more important the path you take.

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