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Give Speed Dating a Whirl!

Women dress to the nines when they are going to a speed dating event. Wrong move ladies; more than likely you will just intimidate the man or make him think you are a high maintenance chick. Four minutes is not much time to get to know someone, so if you are interested in a particular person, a real date would be the next step. Those that participate in a speed dating event are often pushed into it by a well meaning friend. They want you to be as happy as they are and think it might be a fun way for you to break into the social scene.

Often the single people you meet at such events are divorced, widowed or otherwise previously involved in a relationship and are ready to give dating another try. Many young people prefer the pub and club scene to find their dates. Those in their 30s,40s and even 50s don't have many alternatives except perhaps a singles mingle and we all know that is the bottom of the dating barrel.

If you are not ready to try your hand at online personals, then speed dating may be a way to get your feet wet once again. Knowing how to act and what to say when on a date after you have been partnered with someone for years can be quite a daunting situation. Speed dating allows you to meet a lot of single people at once and can give you confidence when you think you are ready for the real thing.

Let's not forget, you may meet that special someone or the date of your dreams at a speed dating event. If you are intrigued by a particular person or persons, you are more than welcome to take their name and number and see where it will lead. Even if it leads nowhere, you have gotten some practice and now may have a better idea of what the singles scene is all about today.

No one wants to seem desperate or pathetic and you may associate speed dating with those feelings. Lighten up and have some fun because it only works when other people are present and you will find yourself pleasantly surprised at how many daters try their hand at speed dating. You may not find Mr. or Mrs. Right, but you will have some great stories and a few laughs to share with your friends over a few drinks when all is said and done.

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