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Now you can find exclusivity if that is what you crave on the internet for social networking. No longer do the rich and famous want to be associated with such sites as Facebook or MySpace; they are just small potatoes. Now the wealthy and successful have access to like-minded individuals on such exclusive websites as, Diamond Lounge and Quintessentially. Most require a fee to join as well as an invite from a member already on board.

In the past, social networking services were for the young and the young at heart, but now more clients over the age of 35 with success and special needs are looking to hook up with their own kind. Lawyers, doctors and yacht brokers are finding new customers quickly and easily on these new internet web sites that cater to an exclusive crowd.

Most of the people on these new "millionaire" networking sites stay at the same kind of hotels, spend their money on luxuries and want access to others with the same. These exclusive services offer their online members the utmost in privacy and the newest technologies for security so they can feel safe that their accounts can't be breached like some other, more down to earth social networking sites.

Getting in past the virtual "velvet rope" is just as hard online as it is on land, and if you are not part of the "in" crowd of wealth and privilege, then getting a membership will be almost impossible. But what would a regular Joe want with a social networking service that caters to those with much more than himself? A chance to drool, dream and despair?

Once the riffraff have access, it will no longer be attractive to those that have. When the have nots break in, they will go off to greener pastures and thicker velvet ropes to ensure that only the right and best people are allowed to gain access.

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