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The New College Dating Scene

Once a phenomenon hits the younger set, it is destined to become a resounding success. The 18 to 24 age group is finding out what many older singles already know; that online dating services can really bring you true love.

Many people assume that those of college age can meet someone with whom they want to date or even forge a long lasting relationship. It just isn't true. When you are attending college, most of your time is spent studying for exams and once you make friends, it is rare that your social circle will widen.

Meeting others that share your interests and life goals is much easier when you search for them on the internet. You don't necessarily meet more dateable people in your daily life that can be potential dates just because you are living on a college campus.

Just settling for what is out there is not an option for many younger online singles. They are looking for the same things in a date as someone of a more advanced age. Though internet matchmaking for the college crowd is becoming a more acceptable way of meeting a new dating partner, it is still a source of embarrassment for many. They are hesitant to tell others how they met if they connected on a web personals service.

There are still those college students that feel that the cyber dating scene is just not for them. For some they feel as if making a connection with someone should be done in the old tried and true face to face meeting and that the internet experience somehow dehumanizes a very intimate and human experience.

As more online matchmaking services are cropping up every day, the college crowd will be a niche that many will target and if won't be long before more students than not are taking advantage of the large dating pool that online personals can offer.

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