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Speed Dating for Senior Citizens

By the time a person retires, society has completely changed their view of what is expected of them. This is not only true of the job market; it is also true of personal relationships and the need to have a significant other. Unfortunately, this often robs senior singles of the chance to enjoy romantic partnerships and the rewards of companionship during whatever years are left to them.

Basically, speed dating is an event where a group of eligible single men and women meet for the first time. Each man and woman have an opportunity to meet and talk for a few minutes, before moving on to the next person. Unlike a party, you must spend a few minutes with each person. Once the rounds are completed, you can then request to be pair up with someone that seemed compatible.

While speed dating emerged as a popular trend among younger singles, it is useful for individuals of any age. Today, baby boomers interested and willing to meet people their own age for romantic purposes can also use this method. As may be expected, advanced age does not preclude having fun at these events, or finding someone special.

Considering that each moment of an individual's life is precious, perhaps romance should not be excluded from the golden years. There is no question that elderly people have a lifetime of experiences that will be brought into any new relationship. Unfortunately, as people progress in relationships, divorces happen, as do deaths. In many cases, contemporary society expects seniors who have lost romantic partners to simply spend the rest of their lives alone. Today, elderly men and women interested in a romantic relationship can take advantage of speed dating. While seniors may not want to do the exact same things as when they were younger, they may still find a rewarding and satisfying relationship.

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