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Now rural dwellers probably do not come to mind when you think of internet users let alone internet dating. Part of the reason may be that the spread of the online phenomena has been mainly urban and also the mistrust with which the web space is viewed by usually close- knit rural dwellers.

So, you would be forgiven then if you were surprised to find out that there actually exists a farmers internet dating site catering to all those rural and agriculture minded singles seeking out a life partner. People born and raised on farms want to remain on farms and continue to do what they love doing- farming; but that is just part of the puzzle. Only 2% of Americans live in rural areas making it difficult to meet other young singles and have relationships. And fewer and fewer people want to move to or stay in rural areas. Farm work is not just glamorous enough for most people, add to that debt and struggles that farmers have to go through and you can understand why.

But now thanks to Jerry Miller, the founder of, young people in rural areas can find other like-minded singles, just like on other dating sites. This niche dating service site hopes to appeal to the farmers, ranchers, farming students, cowboys and girls, animal and nature lovers. Miller says on his site he decided to start the website after seeing the troubles that rural dwellers and farmers were going through in order to meet that special someone. In most of their stories, the online dating scene was dominated by city dwellers who neither understood the lifestyle of the rural dwellers nor their interests.

Two members who used the site, Amanda Szymanik and Scott Harbaugh, are getting married. Amanda is from Illinois and Scott Ohio. He will be moving to Illinois where he hopes to live with Amanda and have a grain and beef farm. According to an article appearing in the Winston- Salem Journal both Amanda and Scott stopped looking around their village and turned to the site.

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