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May-December Romance in Bloom

Single women are not just attracted to a man just because he has a lot of money. Often the reasons lie much deeper. An older man with a fat wallet is typically very successful at what he does and wields much power in and out of the boardroom. This alone is an aphrodisiac to many women with father complexes. He is regarded as not only being able to take care of them monetarily, but in other ways as well.

The typical rich, old coot and hot, young thing dating relationship is one that has driven people crazy for centuries. Could it be some ladies wish they were that lucky hot, young thing that had the good fortune to set herself up for life? And gentlemen, could it be you guys wish you had the wealth and all the trappings so that you could date a frisky, young beauty?

Take for instance Donald Trump and his lovely and much younger wife Melania. Many would say, "She is so beautiful, she could have any man she wants." Has anyone ever thought that Donald Trump is exactly what she wants? He may be full of charm and charisma, she may admire his perseverance in face of adversity and she just might think he is the cata's meow in bed.

As long as men have had money and power, there has always been a pretty, young thing waiting in the wings for him. There are even online dating services today where a girl who has nothing else but her looks going for her can find a man with a big paycheck. It is a case of how much money they make before you can even see my picture. And the funny thing is these guys don't seem to mind a bit. If they don't care, why should we?

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