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The Matchmaking Slump

Swimming into the wake of success that established the security, standards, and potential for online dating is a bevy of other companies that offer nearly the same services for free. Names like and have shown romantics that exploring the sea of love can be as simple as creating an intriguing persona on your own personal networking page. Testing the highs and lows of online meeting, greeting, and matching, many singles who consider themselves old pros at the online dating world now even suggest that honest relationships can occur on the internet without the help of online matchmakers or the magic of dating/social networking pay sites.

That may spell trouble for, the leader in online match making, but millions of dollars in revenue and a growing presence in the international love market have sitting pretty. seems confident, too, even though their internet traffic has decreased by 39 percent in just a year. Increasing marketing spending to $75 million dollars, up 70 percent from this time last year, hopes to regain the traffic it has lost and build faith in its services through the glitz and glamour that makes such online personals websites irresistible to love-hungry single people.

While glitz and glamour often attract potential daters, there seems a better, more academic approach to increased traffic. Studies conducted by Jupiter Research reveal that, indeed, the web pay dating/networking phenomenon has peaked, but experts in the field suggest that online paid matchmakers may regain their clients by focusing on specialized markets. Specialized offerings may ensure a captive audience. Suggestions for specialization include reaching out to the gay and ethnically-centered communities. Focusing on specific groups, internet paid matchmaking services may continue to have hearts and dollars dancing in their eyes.

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