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A Principle Based Dating Approach

The goal of all film makers is to captivate us and keep our attention for the length of the film. As we watch the movies, inevitably handsome celebrities paired with scripted words make us wish that the single men around us were more like these models. Unfortunately, real life is a game always in motion. The pursuit of meeting "Mr. Right" isn't necessarily going to follow a script, let alone turn out the way you expect it to.

Therefore, if you are serious about finding a perfect mate, the best approach you can take is to start by examining your personal principles and goals in life. While this may seem like a dry and boring task, consider that once you have this part out of the way, you will have plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the wooing process. Not only will you know what you want from a relationship, you won't be holding your prospective love partners up to impossible ideals.

In a sense, the whole idea that principle based dating makes women too picky evolved because we had very little idea about how to go about determining life goals. Today, a woman doesn't have to walk away from the cinema stereotypes and feel that she is lowering her standards. We really and truly can sit down and make principle based guidelines for ourselves that require us to demand and expect more based on important areas.

Over the years, many women have become disillusioned with the courting process. We go to the movies and see handsome, charming men paired up with a happy ending. Unfortunately, real life and real men don't follow the same guidelines as a movie. Then again, neither do women. By sitting down and evaluating life goals and values, finding Mr. or Ms. Right can still result in a perfect match, perhaps one worth making a movie out of.

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