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The New Dating Era

Many singles are beginning to feel that unless you specifically ask someone out on a date, it is not a date. As an example, even if two people go to dinner, or see a movie, the request must be made beforehand, and if at all possible, in person. Even though the difference may be a matter of semantics, one must wonder what new words are used to separate a date from other kinds of romantic meetings.

One of the most fascinating new words to emerge is "hookup". In a sense, perhaps it can be said that this behavior is not so different from purchasing a new mouse for your computer. You go to a store (or for a date you would go to a bar or your favorite online destination) and look at all the models available. Once you find a mouse that suits your needs, you purchase it, take it home, and "hook it up". In a similar way, once you hookup with someone, you may stay in the relationship for a little while. That said, you can be hooked up for years, and still not go out on a pre-arranged and pre-planned date.

Increasingly, "hangout" is another term that is coming to replace the term "date". When you decide to hang out with someone else, you aren't necessarily planning to work at determining romantic compatibility. Rather, your main goal is to have someone to share some time with, regardless of how you decide to spend that time. While more complicated forms of hanging out may eventually be categorized as dating, at this stage, it still seems to need its own category.

Today, many people feel that the art of dating has been lost. Not only do individuals not ask the traditional question, the meetings that come about do not even remotely resemble a date and may become regrettably nauseating the next morning. In order to help reclassify other forms of romantic matchmakings, hookup and hangout have emerged as two words to help define exactly what is happening in the relationship.

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