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Pitfalls of Web Personals

When you hear the many stories of friends and family members who have met the love of their life through an online dating service, you will get a nice warm and fuzzy feeling about the romance of it all. It might even be enough to get you logged on and searching for your own romantic partner. Many singles have sought out new dates through the use of web personals sites only to be faced with some disheartening results. Is it really the best way to find a soulmate to spend your life with?

The problem with internet dating is the ability of some to lie about their personal details. If you are being honest about your personal information it is hard to believe that someone might lie about it. After all, the goal is to meet someday, isn't it? How can these impostors believe that they will be able to explain away the fact that they are shorter or heavier or in some cases older than their personal information and photos led you to believe? But there will be a percentage of online daters out there that are not being entirely truthful. Although it is hard to determine how many of the people on these sites are not being truthful about themselves, but rest assured if you spend enough time looking for a mate you will encounter folks that are simply looking for quick hookups.

You can try to weed through the responses to your personal ad and add some safety measures to try and find the impersonator, but in the end some disappointing folks will find their way through your process. But then again, no matter where you are at, where you go or who you'll meet, these types of interactions are not easily avoidable. Actors are actors, regardless if you met them first online or across a crowded room. Because there is still no way for you to prevent people from lying to you, the best bet is to take everything with a grain of salt. That holds true for both the online and the world around us.

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