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Well, it's official; you've met the love of your life and you're ready for the next step in the relationship. You've introduced your romantic partner to your parents, your friends and are even discussing children. But you still haven't told anyone where you met. Are you that ashamed of finding each other through online personals that you'd hide that fact? Whether you view the "where" as trivial information or a pertinent detail, you may have second thoughts about spilling the beans and informing people of your match up.

The reasons singles choose to hide this are simple: No one wants to bear the brunt of unnecessary ridicule, nor do they want to have to explain how "normal" it is in today's world to meet someone on the Internet. It's a combination of short sightedness on the part of the naysayers and an unwillingness to embrace the new way to date by the cynics that keeps the idea of web personals an inside joke for many.

Anyone who laughs at the idea of online dating should ask themselves a serious question: "What's so wrong about love?" Statistics show that you're more likely to meet that proverbial "weirdo" in the grocery store or the gas station than on a web matchmaking service. But because NBC Dateline and other news shows like to highlight and overemphasize the negatives of the Internet, their viewers buy into the hype.

Perhaps the people poking fun and disagreeing with the new dating trend should take a good, long look at the millions of happy couples who met through their online services. Furthermore, a person could simply employ some common sense and realize that the Internet is the world's ultimate connector. If your "perfect someone" happens to not live in your area, where would you be without the net? You'd go the rest of your natural days without knowing that person existed. Love is out there, and singles should never be ashamed of how they found it.

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