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A Tale About Adult Dating

Gentlemen, if you're going to pick a day to neglect your wife, don't let it be Mother's Day.

Statistics show that sign-up rates at AshleyMadison, an adult personals website catering to married people, skyrocketed the day after Mother's Day. According to this article at MomLogic, on any other Monday, 2,500 to 3,000 women sign up at On the Monday after Mother's Day 2009, almost 24,000 new joiners. This year, over thirty thousand women joined up the day after Mother's Day.

Valentine's Day and New Year's Day are two more holidays you don't want to forget about. AshleyMadison sees big jumps the day after those holidays, too.

Women tend to cheat for different reasons than men. According to the article, the founder of AshleyMadison says that men are usually looking for sex, whereas women cheat because they're looking for attention that they aren't getting at home.

In a relationship that might already be having some problems, a lack of attention on the holidays, and particularly on Mother's Day, for a woman with children, can be the straw that broke the camel's back. Having been ignored and neglected on a special day will prompt some women to go looking for love and emotional support elsewhere, like AshleyMadison.

In order to help avoid these problems, communicate with your partner! Find out what they're expecting on their special holiday, and make the effort to show them some special attention. Let them know they're loved and appreciated.

Moms should think twice about cheating, even if their partners underwhelm them with attention on Mother's Day. Cheating can damage your relationship completely beyond repair. A lagging relationship can be rebuilt with time, effort, and maybe counseling, but it's almost impossible to save a relationship after committing infidelity.

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