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Overcoming Dating Obstacles w/ Niche Matchmaking Services

Dating is difficult enough when you're a healthy, able-bodied person. But what if you're confined to a wheel chair, or suffer from an STD, or another chronic disease or disability? Under those circumstances, finding love, or even just a date, might seem impossible.

Fortunately for people who feel like their illness or disability might be holding them back, there is a thriving niche market in web personals sites specifically for single people who suffer from STDs, chronic diseases, mental illnesses, or physical disabilities.

Dating services like,, and were launched to cater to the needs of singles that suffer from conditions like bipolar disorder, Crohn's disease, cerebral palsy, and any other disease or disorder you can think of. These singles websites promote open, honest communication between daters, relieving them of the stress of trying to figure out when or how to disclose a disease. Users of these internet services are finding love and friendship in these accepting communities.

Sites like these are also frequently a lot more affordable than most dating and matchmaking websites, where singles suffering from various conditions often can't even get a first date with anyone for the money they're paying. Whereas at a place like or eHarmony, you might be paying thirty dollars or more a month for constant rejection from the community, at these niche personals sites a person will pay considerably less, and sometimes the sites are even free. Prescription 4 Love charges only ten bucks a month, for example, and most of the services at No Longer Lonely are still free.

For single people who are working under the stigma of a mental disorder like bipolar disease, or schizophrenia, or who are suffering from STDs like herpes, or AIDS, or singles that have physical disability or a chronic disease, these dating services can be a godsend.

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