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Muslim Singles and Their Cyber Chaperone

One of the biggest differences we have learned about between Islamic and Western cultures is the Islamic view of dating, and the need for arranged marriages. Western culture may see this as debasing women and their independence. On the other hand, Muslim families actually feel that preventing dating is the best way to protect an eligible woman from being preyed on by every man looking for what amounts to something for nothing.

Regardless of the stereotypes, Islamic traditions and values assign women the primary role of creating and maintaining the family structure. As mothers, they are also the matriarchs of the family. Therefore, they give something of significant value to their husbands, families, and overarching society. That said, the Islamic religion does not always credit men and women with personal maturity or moral strength to resist certain temptations. These temptations, in turn can create a situation where a woman's greatest gift and strength is defiled and robbed from her. In order to prevent this, most Islamic families step in, act as the matchmaker and arrange the marriages of their eligible children.

Many people might think traditional Muslim families would be resistant to using the internet as a matchmaking tool. Observation reveals, however, that in many cases, family members upload web profiles for eligible singles. From there, both the candidates and their family members can search online based on certain criteria and interests.

Today, the world of cyberspace has evolved as an important tool to help single Muslim men and women meet romantic partners on their own and still stay within the guidelines of their religion. In addition, the information superhighway also creates an ideal way for families to stay involved in the matchmaking process. Not only does the net offer a chaperone, it enables single men and women to search all over the world for the right partner based on their own criteria.

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