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Aboard a Ship Named Matchmaker

Sailing the high seas to discover personal history and origins has always enticed individuals seeking adventure, but today's single twenty something may find romance on the water as well.

Every year, foreign tours promoting rediscovery of heritage and roots depart to embark on revelatory journeys to homeland shores across the ocean. For many of the singles on these trips, the discoveries they make will inform their notions about marriage within cultural boundaries and the importance of sustaining their dwindling heritage ties.

Among the governments participating in cultural discovery cruises are Israel, Taiwan, and Armenia. Programs that work to promote, design, and implement the travels that sometimes bring two like-minded individuals together for dating, relationships or marriages that will strengthen their specific cultural communities are:

  • Taglit-Birthright Israel
  • Expatriate Youth Summer Formosa Study Tour to Taiwan
  • Birthright Armenia

Each of these program is sponsored to some degree by the country whose culture it promotes. Apparently, though none of the programs claims this as its primary mission, each of these programs has demonstrated a knack for making love connections. The romantic reputation of Expatriate Youth is so acclaimed that prospective travelers refer to it as the Love Boat. The sparks that fly between the twenty something set on participating ships are energized by various culture and language classes that nurture the sense of belonging to a proud religion, culture, or people.

For representatives of these cultural discovery cruises, the possibility that a Taiwanese, Jewish, or Armenian match will be made strengthens their resolve to continue to offer such appealing packages. Birthright Armenia founder Edele Hovnanian reminds the single people considering such a journey of the dire need to preserve diverse cultures. She maintains that even someone who is only a quarter Armenian can be a contributor to the cultural preservation of a proud people.

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