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A Minimalistic Approach to Relationship Building

Those single women that took up the feminist mantra and decided that only a certain kind of man would do to be her life mate took their time and threw away many hot dating prospects they may be regretting now that they are well into their 30s. They may have finally come to the realization that the romantic ideals they had for their dream man may have been a bit lofty. The best matchmaking qualities a man can have at this point in their life is a desire to have a family, have a stable income and be willing to become a partner in the business of life.

Many women feel that they are settling when they look at love and relationship in this way. It is not true. The romantic ideals put in place in your younger years are not the reality of marriage. Sharing a life together is a lot tougher than a cute smile, a sexy laugh and a good time Charlie.

A man that can provide for his family, be kind and considerate and a great dad in addition may not be the hottest guy on the block nor the most entertaining. But if he has qualities such as dependability, stick-to-itveness and kindness, what is wrong with spending your life with such a person?

Being alone when you are feeling you are playing with the numbers getting higher game is no fun. Any woman that says she is not concerned about finding a life mate after she has turned 35 is either lying to herself or you or is in complete denial. We are hardwired to want a home, hearth and family and anyone that says different is not being honest with themselves.

What is settling anyway? No one says you have to be madly and passionately in love. That kind of love never lasts anyway. You should have a healthy respect for the person and share some core values for what you want to accomplish in your lives. If this is settling, then I am all for it.

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