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Technological advances like text messaging have given people a great deal of freedom in the way that they are able to communicate with a variety of people. The ability to text message in business has given folks the freedom to work on multiple things at the same time while communicating with their business colleagues or clients. In today's fast paced world this is more important than ever. But when people begin to use text messaging to relay serious conversations with those in their personal lives, it has crossed over a line that should never be crossed.

Have you had the wonderful experience of having your dating partner text you that the relationship was over? Well, there are those that have received these messages and, as you can imagine, felt a bit cheated. If you are going to end a relationship or have a serious discussion with someone about the course of your relationship the text message should be the court of last resort. There was a time when a phone call used to break off a relationship was considered bad manners. Today, you can receive an abbreviated message telling you that your relationship is over.

When you are dealing with an affair of the heart, it is never appropriate to handle them by text message. If you wish to end a relationship, then you have to muster up the courage and look at your dating partner in the eye when you tell him or her the bad news. A phone call is still impersonal, but at least you can hear their voice when they tell you that it is over. Whatever happened to good manners?

Texting to others while you are on a date is another area where some need a lesson in manners. While it may seem as though you are still able to concentrate on the date while you are texting, it is just plain rude. Just as phone calls are not appropriate while you are on a date, neither is text messaging. Turn the phone off and put it away while you are on a date and pay attention to the man or woman sitting across from you. You will be showing the him or her that you are interested in getting to know them. When you spend your evening texting with others, you are creating the impression that you would rather be someplace else. Is that the message you are trying to get across?

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