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Finding Love in All the Upscale Places

If it was so easy to marry someone rich, then everyone would have a sugar daddy or sugar mama waiting at home. There are opulent places where the wealthy tend to congregate, but how does a regular Jane or Joe get access to these fabulous hangouts that are chockfull of money and power? Finding out where and when to go may be just the ticket you need in order to date and marry someone from the upper crust or at least with a pocketful of money.

The great cities of the world such as New York City and in particular Manhattan, Milan and now Dubai are where you can find a large concentration of up and coming rich singles that may be successful as well. Of course some of these single people may have trust funds, but that shouldn't matter if you are looking to marry for money.

In February, Milan, Italy is where the rich and famous meet to look over what the designers are presenting as "in" at Fashion Week each year. If watching pin-thin models strolling down the runway isn't your thing, stop at the Just Cavalli Cafe which is owned by Roberto Cavalli, the famous clothes designer.

Sempione Park is where this fabulous upscale hangout can be found with the likes of designers from all over the world, models and celebrities that come to see them can be found. When the sun sets in the sky, it is transformed into a disco, where you can dance the night away rubbing elbows with those that have "it."

The Cannes Film Festival in France during the month of May is another venue where you can hobnob with celebrities famous all over the world. Le Baoli is a club-restaurant that is host to many of the festival's parties. You will sup on exotic cuisine in an atmosphere that can be likened to a scene from The Arabian Nights. When the clock strikes midnight, you can be sure that many of the famous guests will be getting down and dirty and having a good time.

So if you are looking for a love with pockets so deep, check out where the stars go to party. It may cost you a bit of money to get in, but hey, you expect to find meet a rich mate so money shouldn't be a problem if you should be so lucky to net yourself a big fish while you're there.

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