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Muslim Matchmaking Takes Hold

In Muslim society, dating is not a traditionally acceptable way to find a spouse. Marriages have always been arranged by parents and relatives amongst this community. But living in a country like America where their numbers are small, eligible Muslim singles in respected professions are often unable to find a suitable match within their community. Arranged marriages are also difficult for this group because they have grown up in a society where others around them choose their own spouses.

Muslim singles therefore find themselves in a dilemma where neither can they openly date to find a mate within their faith, nor are they able to find a suitable match through the traditional means. This is where matrimonial banquets have come to play a huge role. These are social events where Muslims in America can take part in speed-dating in the presence of parents and relatives, and can then take it forward from there.

Such social events are arranged by the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), and are attended by eligible Muslim bachelors, bachelorettes and their families across the country. This is an acceptable solution for the conservative older generation which believes that the family has an important role to play in the forging of a marital alliance. They can be present to monitor and facilitate the process of meeting and choosing a potential partner for the eligible single they escort to the event.

For the younger generation that requires a little flexibility in their ability to choose a mate, this is an opportunity to meet and independently evaluate other Muslim singles with a view to marriage. ISNA has a reputation for respectability and success because of the personal encounter and the possibility to easily verify backgrounds. There is also the importance of the number of singles the matrimonial banquets attract, which makes for a wider choice.

Marriages in different societies have different priorities and traditions, and the Muslim society has its own set of values. Matrimonial banquets are a widely acceptable solution for Muslims in America, as they help sort out differences of outlook between generations, provide them an ideal platform to find a spouse.

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