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Single men and women have long been meeting their life partners through social gatherings, parties and choreographed meetings in pubs and bars. All of these lead to dating, and from then on to marriage; a man or woman choosing a life mate based on his or her own heart and inclinations.

Interestingly, in today's world, an ancient ritual is taking hold: that of matchmaking. But this is not match making through friends, family or a match maker, but through web personals sites that have a large database of subscribers. Such dating services like have organized scientific research in the field of human relationships and the factors that create chemistry between couples.

Based on extensive research, eHarmony has devised questionnaires in order to accurately record the preferences, characteristics, and aspirations of the subscribers that want to find a mate through the internet. A personality profile is created for the person filling out the questionnaire, and a record made. This is then used by the website to locate potential partners with a compatible personality profile in the database.

The website has developed an algorithm through Dr. Buckwalter who propounded it about ten years ago by accumulating data from 5,000 married couples and analyzing the answers from the happiest couples. This algorithm is used to match the personality profile records created from the questionnaires. Once matches are found based on the algorithm, these are sent to the inboxes of both the male and female counterparts of the matched couple.

The subscribed members who receive these matches are then able to contact each other through the service and pace it thereafter to see if all works out well towards a lasting relationship. As a recent article points out, eHarmony continues to fine tune its research and the resulting algorithm in keeping with the times.

Remarkably enough, finding a match through this process requires a lot of faith in the scientific capability of the matchmaking algorithm in finding the correct match. This is because online personals sites like eHarmony do not allow their subscribers to personally search through the site's database to find a soul mate.

By subscribing to relationship web services like eHarmony it is possible to find a lot of possible matches which would have forever been out of reach. The website matches single people from across the country, sometimes even across the world, and a large number of marital alliances are forged on its portals.

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