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In today's fast and furious video game crazed society the pressures are relentless. Elementary school kids are talking about boyfriends and girlfriends before they even get to middle school. What happened to the "boys not allowed" clubhouses that seemed to be a cornerstone of every home with children years ago? This "start young" secular society has brought us the "teen pact" in the northeast United States. This was a pact between several high school freshman and sophomore girls to all immediately get pregnant together so they could raise their kids together. Talk about pressure!

Christian young adults who believe in virginity and put God first in their lives are not alone, they just feel that way. Taking a stand when you may be alone on that soapbox takes courage and guts. It is easy to give in to the pressures, it is much harder to resist. But for those with strong beliefs, resist they must. Sure, there are Christian youth groups which may have members with similar ideals, but many times joining them comes at a price; losing your school friends while gaining other friends with similar believes and thoughts. For young adults who have had the same friends for years, this can be a lonely and traumatic switch, good for the long run, but who can get young people to see past 8 PM.

Enter social networks and internet personals. Social networks give a sense of community and belonging to those who may not "fit in" with their current crowd. It can give them a place to relieve stress, to scream and yell, and to get support for those who want to "do the right thing". There are online groups and networks for pretty much anything including Christian young adults. You can keep your friends in real life, but make new ones in cyberspace.

For young adults, web matchmaking is a great way to seek those with similar strong beliefs who are looking for someone just like you. It allows you to take the time to get to know one another and to make sure you both understand each other before the first date expectations kick in. If you truly want to relieve the pressure of dating and sex, then use the following guide when you are mingling with others online.

  • Be honest in your profile, put in what is truly important (virginity, no drugs, etc.)
  • Look at your "matches" profile and answers as well, if it doesn't say what is important, and he/she tells you after you meet, than it probably wasn't really that important to them.
  • Get to know each other for a while by chatting online, email, and on the phone before going on your first date.
  • If religion is important to you, there are many religious based dating sites out there. and are just two of many.
  • Always meet for the first few times in a public place and at least at first with a group.

The key here is honesty. If you hide the fact that you want to remain a virgin but not putting it in your personal ad or by lying on an interview question, it does no good. Yes, it will get you more "matches" but what good are those that don't really match? If you are going to do that, you may as well take your chances at the pub.

Relationships are hard enough even with similar ideals and thoughts. In today's small world there is no reason to compromise on what is important to you. You are certainly not alone and it is easier than ever to find Mr. or Ms. Right. You just have to know what is important to you and don't waste time with those that are going to try to change you or pressure you to become someone else. Compromising on what to eat for dinner is one thing, compromising your values and beliefs is another. Be strong and courageous, and know you are not alone.

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