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Love Strikes with Speed Dating

In sunny Florida, speed dating is nearly an art form. Various services cater to high-profile clientele who hope to eliminate chancy encounters and time-consuming courting that reeks of old-fashioned, passe ideals. Many of the singles participating in these events are the very people who make boardroom decisions and close deals swiftly and effectively. For them, a match up that eliminates fatty introductions to ignite passionate sparks instantaneously represents return they can embrace.

Perhaps one the most unusual speed dating possibilities in Florida is offered by 3 Minute Mingle, a company that offers 10 first meetings in just 30 minutes. While such quick introductions may sound anything but romantic, Cary Roman--who claims 3 Minute Mingle as both his brainchild and his career--pays careful attention to details that make these less-than-chance encounters romantic and elegant. Participants at one such event held in Boca Muse note that sophisticated elegance seems the proper mode for romance that just may work. Pairing his 30-minute love fest with other treats such a rum tastings and wine events; Roman proves he knows his way around romantic adventures.

While many find such quick-paced salutations exhausting, others claim to have found great success as they eliminated excessive hellos to cut to the meat of the matter. For some, lean meetings will fall short of expectations. For others, there will be something to savor in each precious moment, and the potential for chemistry--albeit unusual methods--will be delicious. Regardless, the success of companies that offer busy single people the opportunity to cut through those moments that rarely matter to them anyway proves that there are various modes of romance that work for myriad individuals.

For those people seeking love in three-minute rendezvous, the message seems simple: love American style sizzles even in seconds, and that keeps romance fun and exciting. The next time you're looking for a quickie meeting, consider speed dating for breathless encounters and whirlwind connections.

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