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Falling Into Love

We live, we die, and if we're lucky, we'll love in between. That's honestly as good as it gets. But when you're in a loving relationship, is it the same for you as your partner? Men and women are at complete opposite ends of the relationship spectrum. This is nothing new; it's always been this way. Men are the hunters, women are the nesters. We each have a role to play. So, logically, the love a woman feels would have to be different than what a man feels, right?

When you think of "love" as a word, state of being, emotion, or any other small boxed-up term, you're really missing the true meaning. In truth it is different, not only for genders, but every individual who experiences it. Love is a violent yet stable, bitter and sweet, absolute zero to the surface of the Sun range of emotions. It's not about "how" you feel love or how you're in love, it's more about how you get and stay there. Therein lays the difference in a man and a woman – the getting there.

Men are the true meat and potatoes guys. Forget the new millennium men with polished fingernails, waxed eyebrows, and a proclivity for Barbara Streisand; they're simply battling their genetic disposition. A man's a complicated creature, although he'll deny it vehemently. Men like to see exploding stuff, eat beef on the bone, watch their sports, and avoid anything close to a heartfelt conversation. It's not that men lack emotion; they're simply slower to process things. This makes "man" the gender less likely to fall head-over-heels for their new dating partner, especially after a first date.

On the other hand, women are the delicate souffles of the world. They enjoy looking their best, always being heard, always being right, and always being in a hurry. Women are strong-willed to no end on the surface, yet as fragile as dandelions inside. If a man's complicated, Webster's needs a new word to describe women. Most of the fairer gender doesn't know what their partners are thinking, so the odds of a man knowing are too low to measure. Women are also very quick to fall for a guy.

Together, love's the same without being the same. If it doesn't make sense, remember that it doesn't have to. Men and women are different, they fall for each other at different speeds, but a strong relationship and a commitment to each other – no matter how long it takes to get there – can last a lifetime.

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