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Most singles were raised to believe that somewhere out there is an ideal mate made especially for them – someone who shares their likes and dislikes, someone who complements their personality in every way, someone who is absolutely perfect for them.

And then everyone grows up and goes out in the world. Even so, some of us still cling to the idea of Prince Charming (or Princess Charming, for that matter) is out there and waiting. There is nothing wrong with waiting or searching for a special someone. In fact, web personals services have made this search easier for us. All we need to do is to sign up for an online dating website, browse some personal ads and see who fits our idea of Prince or Princess Charming, and then send him or her a smile or an email message.

As easy as the search for the perfect match seems to have become these days, the problem is that what was once a simple search has become a little bit more convoluted. Before, the places we can go to in our quest to find an ideal date is limited only to a handful of sites. Now there is niche dating and if offers up a plethora of choices that we can make when it comes to dating.

Do you want to date someone who loves cats? Find a pet lover personals website that caters to cat lovers. Do you want to date someone who is a born-again Christian? Go to a Christian dating website. The choice is literally endless.

But what does this all mean for us? Perhaps all this niche dating is teaching some of us to become more fastidious to the illusion that Prince or Princess Charming is out there and waiting. Perhaps even blinded those of us to the truth that Prince or Princess Charming may not be as ideal as we original thought.

The thing is that we create our own perfections from what we already have. True love is something we create on a day to day basis. To hold onto the belief that the ideal Prince or Princess Charming may be just around the next corner instead of opening yourself to the relationship opportunities that is right in front of you may be a losing strategy.

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