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In today's world you probably think that women won the struggle for equality. But consider a woman who is happily single when she reaches her thirties. This can be a lifestyle choice for some women, but most people will believe that she simply has not met the right man yet or that she is struggling through some difficult failed relationships. The truth could really be that she enjoys singlehood and does not see any reason to settle down until she wants to.

There is really no need for women to latch onto a man by a certain age so that she can become a wife and mother. There are some singles that have no desire to do this. Unfortunately, these women are viewed as not having reached their full potential or simply waiting for Mr. Right. It is not just that others see them in this way, but she may view herself as though there is something wrong with her.

When a woman hears so often in her life that she should be waiting for the perfect relationship to come along so that she can begin her life, she will begin to believe it on her own. This is disappointing for those who held such high hopes for the women's movement. Until women can begin to feel as though living an independent life is a viable option, the movement has not yet finished its work.

Living a single life where you can meet and date whoever you want can be fulfilling and exciting for some women. If you find yourself living a single life when you are in your thirties and don't feel any urge to find a soul mate and have children, rejoice in your independent life. Enjoy the life that you have created for yourself and refuse to feel as though you are not complete because you have not decided to marry and have children. You are the living embodiment of the women's movement and should never feel less than complete.

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