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The Influences of Time on Dating

Today's single women have grown up with a weekly menu of "Sex and the City" to whet their sexual appetites. No longer afraid to have their fill, women have been influenced by the affluent, sexy, headstrong cast of this hit series. Taking their cues from four professional women living fantastic lives, today's singles know what they want, work to get it, and share their relationship secrets with their friends. Where men still find out about love, dating and steamy rendezvous in their muggy locker rooms, women learn about these things and much, much more from the comfort of their own homes via their high-density televisions. And now, thanks to the popularity of the risque and pioneering series, "Sex and the City: the Movie" will educate from the sultry view of the big, sexy, silver screen.

Whether or not the influence of "Sex and the City" has been good for society as a whole requires careful thought. Studies from matchmaking web site showed that viewers of the show are more tolerant of extramarital affairs, but--perhaps not unsurprisingly--male respondents were more likely to believe the series inspired female infidelity than women were.

What makes the show great and influential to bachelorettes who watch is not the permission for promiscuity that it grants. What "Sex and the City" has done for women is to ignite their imaginations and to remind them of the value of a friendly support group. Perhaps this is threatening to opponents of the messages the show shares. Female solidarity and sovereignty become issues that challenge the social norms of a patrilineal society. But the simple truth is that this series reminds us all that "What is good for the goose, is good for the gander" and vice versa. Once dating partners realize that each plays a crucial role in the sexual experience of a relationship, everyone wins.

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