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If you're a single man or woman, you've come to the right place. provides a thorough directory of online dating sites, making it easy for you to find the best places to meet singles on the Internet. In addition, we provide the Dating Digest here, where you can get the latest news, promotions, and information to help. This includes online dating tips, first date advice, alerts to new dating services, discount promotions, and more.

Please read these articles to learn more about the world of opportunity available to singles on the Internet.

Dating Goes Virtual - Internet dating services are beginning to realize the benefits that many PC gamers know already. There are many virtual worlds for online play where users can make and create their own unique persona and interact with others. They can choose clothing and decorate their homes any way they wish. Now it is possible to go on a virtual date instead of just playing a game. Choose your avatar and choose your mate and get ready to go out on the virtual town.

The New College Dating Scene - Though a stigma has long been attached to internet personals, many students and those in their early to mid 20s are now getting on this matchmaking bandwagon. It has become a more accepted means of meeting a partner for dating or even longer relationships. Not everyone agrees. There are still those that view the online dating scene as a giant singles bar. For some it seems sleazy and for others it is the best way to meet friends and lovers.

A Discreet Affair on the Side - Cyber cheating has gone a step further than merely a little stimulating intimate conversation with someone in a private chat room. You can find any number of internet adult personals services that cater exclusively to those that are considering participating in casual encounters with other like-minded individuals. Both parties don't have to be married or in a committed relationship, just willing and discreet would do fine. It may feel good today, but what about tomorrow?

Finding a Soul Mate - Marriage was once the Holy Grail that most singles stride to achieve. Today we find that not only men, but women as well are more independent and only want a mate to complement their lives instead of providing for them. Finding that perfect dating partner is not as hard as it may seem if you take a few factors into consideration. The key matchmaking factor is not to settle. Settling for less than what you truly want will only bring about unhappy results and a quick end to any relationship.

Give Speed Dating a Whirl! - If you were ever a fan of Sex in the City, you are probably familiar with speed dating. Even if you aren't a fan of the show, chances are likely you have heard of this matchmaking phenomenon. Four minutes to say what you want to say and it's on to the next potential dater. It may seem like an unlikely way to meet singles, but it is fun and it is something to do to fill an otherwise empty evening.

May-December Romance in Bloom - The only thing that has changed in the May-December romance department is that in the past, the man was thought of as a slime bucket for being with a young and innocent girl. Today the woman is suspect and is often thought of as trying to profit from her mate's wealth. Many people want to ask, 'What besides his money do you see in him' but are often afraid of the answer. The truth is, many single women just want security and a man with money, power and success is often the path they can see to that end.

Finding Love in All the Upscale Places - If it was so easy to marry someone rich, then everyone would have a sugar-daddy or mama waiting at home. There are opulent places where the wealthy tend to congregate, but how does a regular Jane or Joe get access to these fabulous hangouts that are chockfull of money and power? Finding out where and when to go may be just the ticket you need in order to date and marry someone from the upper crust or at least with a pocketful of money.

Mail-Order Brides: A Thing of the Past - In the past, men could get a wife through what's commonly known as mail order bride services. Lovely ladies looking to leave their country for a life in America would place personal ads and a man would bring them to the United States to take as a wife. The equivalent of yesteryear's mail-order bride in today's modern world of technology is women that sign up at an online introduction agency or foreign matchmaking service from overseas. Men could sign on, communicate with the lady of their choice and either decide to go to their country to meet them, or have them fly to the States to make their relationship permanent.

Start w/ Online Personals - Going to the bars and clubs to meet people may not be your thing anymore, so what are you suppose to do to meet other eligible singles? Online personals websites are no longer taboo and you can build meaningful relationships with compatible people. Meeting singles on the internet means chatting with a person and learning about their life, beliefs and dreams. This initial phase or foundation building is imperative in establishing a long-term relationship, which is why web dating is now one of the best ways to meet a lifelong partner.

Meeting Millionaires Online - Millionaire dating sites are growing in popularity. These wealthy men personals websites make it possible for you to find your perfect super rich mate quickly, conveniently and in a safe environment. It can take time to meet your ideal someone, but through sugar daddy matchmaking services, meeting affluent rich guys are a mere click away. It's a rare occurrence to find so many wealthy people all in one accessible place, so click on the associated link to learn more about how you can meet them.

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