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If you're a single man or woman, you've come to the right place. provides a thorough directory of online dating sites, making it easy for you to find the best places to meet singles on the Internet. In addition, we provide the Dating Digest here, where you can get the latest news, promotions, and information to help. This includes online dating tips, first date advice, alerts to new dating services, discount promotions, and more.

Please read these articles to learn more about the world of opportunity available to singles on the Internet.

Dating Partner and Holiday Gift Giving - They say that it is always the thought that counts, but you should be careful in choosing what kind of gift you would be giving your dating partner this Christmas. There is always a subtext involved in the kind of gift you give. Whatever kind of gift it is that you give your special someone, it should be something that shows him or her how much you value your relationship, how you would like the relationship to proceed and how well you know them.

Gay Men Dating Tips - It is not easy to find a date, regardless of your sexual orientation. Even gay men are obsessed with the way their dates look, and it can be discouraging for other gay singles that fall short of looking divine. Nonetheless, there is no need to change your looks in order to have success in today’s gay dating scene. Instead, be proud of yourself and go on a mission to improve your personality. Also, you should be patient and continue believing that you will find love.

Dating And Text Messaging - More and more singles are bringing technology into their relationships. Text messaging has begun to overstep the boundaries and be used for inappropriate reasons. Technology should not excuse bad behavior. There are some rules that daters should follow to make sure that they are not overusing technology or using it in place of face to face conversations. When a dating partner begin to use text messages to end relationships or have serious conversations that are best handled in person, he or she have crossed over a line that needs to be reestablished.

Pitfalls of Web Personals - If you have never experienced online dating and the matchmaking services that are available on the web, you may want to learn about some of the common pitfalls associated with this method of dating. When you peruse the online personals or join any of the dating websites, you may be faced with those who embellish their personal details a bit or outright lie about their personal information. If one is not careful, the results that one may receive using an internet dating service might be truly disconcerting, no matter how tempting the advertisements make it appear.

Online Hook Up Services - It is possible to go online and find someone to share an intimate exchange with for the evening. This practice has become as simple as ordering a pizza. This has led to website services that are specifically designed for unfaithful mates and a number of other decadent matchmaking trends. What does the future hold for society when our most base desires are gratified with the click of a mouse or an email exchange? Does this spell the end of true relationships built on trust and monogamous ideals?

Lovingly Single - It's great to be a single woman and live a life that is completely independent and self sufficient. There are some single women that find this difficult to believe, but if we suspend our expectations of what a woman should be doing with her life we will see that it is a perfectly acceptable lifestyle choice. Let's discuss the strides women have made for equality and the preconceived notions that remain after all these years. There are still obstacles for single women that are largely in their own mind.

Do Opposites Attract? - Recently, a study conducted by The Oxford Internet Institute took a closer look at 1,000 couples to determine what characteristics contributed to happy relationships. Abandoning the concept of opposites attract and completion by each other for couples, this survey shows what the most advanced matchmaking companies on the web have touted for years, that psychological analysis based on questions to determine commonalities can reveal those individuals who may be paired for long-term compatibility, successful connections, and perhaps matrimonial bliss.

Love Strikes with Speed Dating - In a world that prides itself on fast-paced meetings and quick returns, the advent and success of speed dating venues should not be surprising. For many singles, the first seconds of meeting a potential date tell them whether or not chemistry exists. Eye contact, clever salutations, and the perfect, gentle touching of hands proves that they may have found something worthy of pursuing, while interactions that fall flat within seconds demonstrate that it is already time to move on.

Farmers Find Love Online - A disappearing countryside and a shift in American values has led many farmers to the big cities and the suburbs where there gardens may occupy part of the backyard rather than the back forty. But a select few--dedicated to the ideals of family values, pure living, and ethical work--remain to till the fields, raise the cattle, and promote abundant living. For these contemporary rural singles, finding love can be difficult, mysterious, and time consuming.

Matchmaking Services Become Dating Therapy - With divorce rates booming, it is no wonder that many newly singled men and women find that the best break up therapy is available through the wide open spaces of the internet dating world. Once, people who found their self esteem injured by the trauma of divorce, sometimes with heated battles included, and had to face the drama of the singles bar scene. Not anymore with the help of the many matchmaking services that are available online.

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