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If you're a single man or woman, you've come to the right place. provides a thorough directory of online dating sites, making it easy for you to find the best places to meet singles on the Internet. In addition, we provide the Dating Digest here, where you can get the latest news, promotions, and information to help. This includes online dating tips, first date advice, alerts to new dating services, discount promotions, and more.

Please read these articles to learn more about the world of opportunity available to singles on the Internet.

Stereotyping in Online Dating - A study made by researchers from the University of California in Irvine revealed that racial stereotypes generated by the media somehow affect our choices when it comes to choosing potential dates even through the use of online dating services. It somehow goes against the ideal that the search for love should be primarily based on race, especially when done through the Internet. After all, through the anonymity provided by the Internet, we are supposed to have more freedom to express our individual personalities, totally unhampered by our appearance or skin color.

Dating with Christian Values - We live in a fast and loose world today. Our cars, food, Internet, even our dating are all high-speed. Unfortunately, this leads to a lot of crash-and-burn relationships for many singles out there. Whether you don't have the time to exercise a more chivalrous approach when dating, or simply don't feel as if it's needed, one thing's for certain: A lot of today's connections could use a good slow down. Free, fast and loose may be exciting, but getting to know your date partner is how you build love.

Hooking Up via Social Networking - It stands to reason that social networking has been instrumental in creating a lot of happy relationships. People are attracted to people, that's sociology 101. The person who first decided to social network via the web was an absolute genius, and he or she is no doubt living it up in a mansion somewhere today. With so many millions able to reach out and instantly connect with someone, social networking has a firm, choking grip around the entire planet. The obvious reason is the ease of the use, but there are some less obvious advantages.

The Wonders of Online Personals - No matter your dating preference, there's a web personals site for you out there in www-dot land. If you're heavy, far too into the 1930s, or even if you think you're Batman, you can find a dating website that surprisingly hosts countless numbers of compatible potential partners. So, if you are ready to find a match via one of the net's many online matchmaking services, your chances of finding someone to hang out with are infinitely increased. It's no secret that, together, we're a people of many personality types, ethnicities, and fetishes. Luckily, there's a service out there catering to you.

Love via Web Personals - Some people can't resist making light of someone who's immersed in the internet dating scene. But what's the big deal here? Why do online personals websites have such a negative stigma? You have to wonder if the people speaking poorly of web matchmaking are lonely and bitter, or perhaps their omitted photo or lack of details caused their dating attempt to be short-lived. With the many things to criticize in this world, what would possess a person to point the finger at love?

Falling Into Love - Apart from the bickering and fighting, the passion and pleasure, there's an entire lifetime happening while you and your partner are in love. Life seems great when you first were dating. There's always subject matter to talk about, smiles and laughs to be had, and a new car feeling to your relationship. But where do you go from there? How do you handle life when the newness wears off? The answer is simple, as told to you by any happily married couple: Love's the answer. So, love is the undisputed unifier, but is it at all different depending on gender?

Meet Singles through Online Personals - When you think about all the distractions people deal with in life, the Internet paradox slowly starts to unwind. Once thought of as a place where people could be anything but whom they truly are, the net actually offers single people an avenue to showcase their true selves – flaws included. With the ease of broadband and in the comfort of one's own home, a laid-back and care-free approach is taken by singles wishing to date online.

Foreign Bride Services and Ever-After - It is a brave new world, and what we may think a typical dating website to be – with all the bells and whistles – rings even louder overseas. Women are creating web personal profiles by the thousands throughout Europe and Asia, more specifically, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Malaysia. Each uploads a picture in hopes of finding matrimonial bliss via the internet. The obvious question is why choose a mail order bride service in the first place. But even more important is, should you give this type of matchmaking a try?

eHarmony's New Matchmaking Service - The discrimination case that was filed against through the New Jersey Attorney General's office reached a resolution, wherein eHarmony launched a same-sex matchmaking service for gay singles. But doubts remain as to whether the issue here truly pertains to discrimination. With so many matchmaking websites catering to gays, it may be unfair to pick on eHarmony for choosing to focus their services on the heterosexuals. The issue further raises doubts on whether free enterprise still exists out there, without interference by government agencies.

Web Personals on Craigslist - The personal ads section of Craigslist is thought by many to be a sordid place where the social misfits gather to weird other people out. It is not really a place known for leading two singles towards the path of true love. But if you are willing to take the risk and are serious about doing whatever it takes to find a match, you can list Craigslist as one of the many matchmaking options open to you on the internet. In Craigslist, you can connect with other online daters who are just trying to find connections in this impersonal world that we live in.

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