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If you're a single man or woman, you've come to the right place. provides a thorough directory of online dating sites, making it easy for you to find the best places to meet singles on the Internet. In addition, we provide the Dating Digest here, where you can get the latest news, promotions, and information to help. This includes online dating tips, first date advice, alerts to new dating services, discount promotions, and more.

Please read these articles to learn more about the world of opportunity available to singles on the Internet.

Dating: There's an App for That - Flirtomatic offers a fun cellphone service in the UK for – you guessed it – dating by cellphone. While plenty of singles head online looking for true love, there's another segment who are just out looking for some light-hearted flirting and fun, and that's the demographic Flirtomatic is targeting. Flirtomatic is getting ready to debut in the United States, so before too much longer, you'll probably be seeing their ads as you're surfing on your smartphones.

Casual Dates to Compatible Mates - Do women have a tough time coping with the change between dating for fun, and looking for a long-term relationship? If this is you, then here are some dating tips about how urban women can find a serious partner.

A Tale About Adult Dating - On an average Monday, between 2,500 and 3,000 women join AshleyMadison, an adult personals website that caters to married people. On the Monday after one Mother's Day, almost 24,000 women signed up at the adult dating service that helps make infidelity a little easier. If your relationship is already under some stress, failure to show your love and appreciation for your wife on a special holiday like Mother's Day or Valentine's Day can be the last straw, and drives your mate to seek attention elsewhere.

Why College Age Adults Hook Up - A new study shows that college students prefer traditional dating to casual one night stands, but despite that, they opt for casual sex nearly twice as often as a traditional date. Alcohol consumption is one reason, and fear of rejection, or getting hurt, is another reason why college age adults prefer to hook up instead of date. Despite knowing the risks of casual sex, like STDs or unwanted pregnancies, younger adults are still bowing to their own fears and peer pressure to engage in casual sex.

Rules to Dating Men - Did you know there are three merits important to both dating and life in general? Some women hold forth on the necessity of at least two of these three qualities: looks, intelligence, and affability. If you're a sweetie with plenty of brains, you'll probably be all right even if you aren't a hottie, and you can probably get away with being a bit dim if you're handsome and charming. If you have one, or lack all three, you're probably in trouble.

A Shortcut to First Dates - If you're too busy to date, Matt Prager can help you out. He started his own business, helping busy single guys weed through the women who respond to their online dating profiles. For a fee, Prager will flirt up the potential dates for you; find out their likes, dislikes, expectations, and hopes. If they agree to a date, Matt will turn over his notes and conversations to you and you can take it from there.

Overcoming Dating Obstacles w/ Niche Matchmaking Services - Dating is hard enough for healthy people, but for singles that suffer from mental illness, STDs, chronic illnesses, or physical disabilities, dating can be practically impossible. Fortunately for these daters, a wide variety of niche dating services have developed online who cater to single people who suffer with these problems. Websites like,, and several more, offer entire dating communities of like minded singles that also lives with similar mental and physical problems, and make dating much, much easier for members in the community.

Dating is Big Business - The array of choices in Internet dating services could confuse anyone. If you're having trouble figuring out what kind of online personals websites might suit your search for love, this article can help you out. It offers a short overview of both the range of membership prices you can expect to encounter, as well as some information about the more popular singles sites on the Web. There's something for everyone in Internet dating, and this article can help you get started.

Your Dating Profile and First Impressions - Putting the time and effort into creating a great web profile is critically important to the successes you'll have online. The number one reason why is because the first impressions is a lasting impression. Learn some of the reasons why and how it translates to how potential dates perceive you based on the content of your personal ad.

The Online Dating Scene - Internet dating lets us meet singles without some of the risks of the real world. But this is not entirely true as you are still dealing with real emotions. One just has to know a couple of tips that will help you make the most of the online matchmaking experience.

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