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Hopelessly Single and Lonely

Single and lonely does not need to mean so desperate that you will take anything which might come your way. Dating is only one of the venues offered to you, and it is an admittedly scary venue filled with uncertainty. You can never know what kind of singles you might meet, and it is impossible to know who they really are until they reveal themselves to you.

This is made infinitely more difficult when you have transplanted yourself from another country and culture to find yourself thrown into the American dating scene. Locally, dating is a test of a person's personality to see how compatible you and your companion might be. In many other countries, dating is a word that often has no meaning. There is not necessarily a period of time where you try on several different partners at once to see if you can stand each other for more than five minutes; rather, you move straight into the matchmaking phase, designed for the sole purpose of courting and keeping the partner that is best for you.

If the person you are courting turns out to be a dud, you break off from the courtship and seek out a new partner. But your end goal is always The One - the person that you would love to wake up next to every morning and share physicality with. In any case, regardless of your preference, be it dating or match making, there is an important step that you must be willing to take before you can enter either venture without inhibition: you must be strong enough to admit failure. You cannot put yourself through the never-ending torture of a bad lover or mentally unstable relationship - period. You will only cause yourself pain and large amounts of it. Be strong, be confident. Keep your matchmaking standards high and don't settle for less. In the end, you'll be able to kiss yourself in the mirror, knowing that you know have what you've always deserved.

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