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Dating Couples Holiday Gift Giving

This time of year, I am always reminded of a story called The Gift. It is the story of a young couple with little money to spare. He cherishes his pocket watch, but hungers for a fine chain to put it on. She cherishes her hair, but has no fine combs for adornment. One holiday season, the husband decides to sell his watch in order to buy his wife a beautiful hair ornament. Unbeknownst, she has sold her beautiful hair in order to pay for a watch chain.

Instead of remembering this story, many dating couples think of the escapades of Ebineezer Scrooge. It seems like there is a never ending tendency to buy more, bigger and glitzier gifts. Few singles realize the incredible value of simplicity and sincerity. Unfortunately, the gift your dating partner will appreciate most is the one that says you are listening to them well enough to know what they would want. As an example, if your significant other wants a teddy bear, getting her an expensive bracelet may not garner the happy results you wanted.

That said, gift giving isn't always a game where you cannot express your feelings, and in your own way. In fact, trying to match up to your mate's expectations may leave you feeling very unhappy that a gift cannot be accepted as an expression of yourself. Perhaps the happy middle of the road answer lies in agreeing to exchange two presents. Then, you can get your sweetheart what he/she wants and include a second gift that reflects what you wanted to give in the first place.

In many ways, gift giving is an important part of dating. It tells both partners how they will accept each other, as well as meet the needs of the other person. How you go about finding that balance between independence and interdependence can easily make this the best gift giving holiday season ever.

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