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Where once single people met in bars that produced rising smoke, piles of trash and wastes that became rank in back alleyways, modern daters with an earth aware consciousness are able to reduce their wastes and carbon emissions by dedicating themselves to finding love on the internet. Essentially by cutting out the middle man, green singles are doing their part to being kinder to the planet that sustains them.

With a growing interest in green politics, the timing may be just about perfect for matchmaking services offering green dating possibilities to blossom and grow. Web personals sites like and hope to help lovelorn greens find each other for social and political interaction. Cultivating their relationships in the fertile soils of core beliefs, these green singles may find their voices for social, political, and environmental activism merge to become one. The possibilities in the field of sexy green escapades, devoted green interludes, and long-term green commitments, from partnerships to marriage, have just taken off, so to speak.

With reusable cups attached to the belts, organically grown trail mix in the back pack and a mental list of the most seductive green spots in the countryside to boot, the ecosexuals find that the world is full of match making possibilities for people committed to making the world a better place.

Among the points that may help greens find each other for love and fun are penchants for offsetting their carbon emissions, recycling packaging, minimizing their carbon footprint, organic gardening, romantic rendezvous in nature, and naturist activities. For those in the dark about such activities, they're half politics and half pretty darn sexy. Regardless, lonely people seeking others committed to helping regain the planet will tell you right away that each step away from the norm is a step in the right direction.

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