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If you are finding a hard time scoring dates using the usual singles route, you may be feeling a bit bewildered about your dating situation at the moment. But you really should not lose hope. If you are truly serious about finding a new dating partner and are brave enough to do whatever it takes, there is one place on the web you can explore. That place is none other than

Of course, the name "Craigslist" may not sound so appealing to you. After all, a lot of people have a notion that Craigslist is that sordid corner of the Internet where you are sure to find oddballs and weirdos seeking out some kinky intimate encounters.

You should know, however, that every place online or offline where people gather socially is always bound to yield its share of socially inept people. Because it is not a trait unique to Craigslist alone, for millions of singles that uses this site's free personal ads services consider this to be the place where they can find some human contact, as fleeting as this contact may be. After all, it is a lonely world we live in, where people have come to mind their own business and are wary of the passing stranger.

At, you can find almost anything you want. If you are tired of eating alone and want someone to have dinner with, you can log on in Craigslist and post an ad for a dinner buddy. If you are looking for someone to watch a movie with, you can do the same. If a roll between the sheets is what you are after, their 'Casual Encounters' section is definitely full of people who also want friends with benefits.

But what about true love? Well, when it comes to true love, you still have to look hard and carefully, especially at websites such as this where it's free to post and communicate. But there is no reason why you cannot meet other like-minded individuals in a place like that. Just like anywhere else, it takes some effort – and a lot of luck – to find romance in Craigslist. You just need to give it a try.

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