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Flirting is harmless fun that can be enjoyed by anyone. With the right attitude towards flirting you will find that you and anyone that you are interacting with will have a great time. Yet, playful flirting should never be seen as an invitation to much more. If you follow the right steps in flirting you will find out if you or the person that you are flirting with is looking for more.

Remember that flirting is supposed to be enjoyable. It should not be dirty or insinuate anything more than socializing unless you are in an intimate relationship and plan to go through with the promise. If you are coarse or too abrupt with someone you do not know very well, you will surely be seen as an uncouth person.

If you are out on the town and are somewhere that has plenty of choices for your flirting adventure, be sure to select your target wisely. Go for the person that you really may want to get to know better rather than the person that is just there. That "right" person just may be watching you flirt away with others and be put off enough not to approach you.

Begin your flirting with some mild giggling, smiling and great compliments. This should get things moving in the right direction. If after ten minutes or so goes by and you are not feeling the connection, excuse yourself politely and move on to the next prospect.

If the attraction is there begin with some innocent touching. Not in a sensual way but you may touch his or her arm while you are talking, accidental brushing of the arm or straighten their collar for them. This will show them that you are interested. If you are interested and they do not appear to be, it is better to bow out gracefully. Have fun with it and see where your next opportunity takes you!

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