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eHarmony's New Matchmaking Service

Last month, the online dating world was rocked by the news that, one of the most popular internet matchmaking services, chose to settle the discrimination case filed against them by launching a same-sex matchmaking service.

For those not in the know, a complaint was filed against eHarmony some four years ago through the offices of the New Jersey Attorney General's Civil Rights Division. This complaint was filed by one Eric McKinley, who accused the web matchmaking service for discrimination because the website does not provide options for same-sex matching.

There are probably many divided opinions surrounding this issue, but there are certainly people out there who think that this settlement made by – and the complaint itself – is unreasonable. The argument is just because a person is gay, that person should not expect everyone else to cater to his or her own particular demands because of his or her own particular sexual orientation.

Just because eHarmony did not offer same-sex match making, does that really count for discrimination? It just so happened that the market that the website targets is composed of heterosexual couples. There are many other similar matchmaking websites on the Internet that cater to gay men and women.

Seriously, would one file a complaint against McDonalds for serving hamburgers instead of sushi if one goes to a McDonalds outlet craving for that Japanese dish? Well, now the door is opened for much more of the same regardless of the enterprise.

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