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The Internet Dater's Guide to Cyber Space

Acknowledging the seductive nature of online personals, Coloccia believes that many single men and women are susceptible to the instant gratification of instant message or email compliments. Even typed-written sweet nothings purr through cyberspace.

Apparently, her assumption that web personal ads serves seduce a wide audience is correct. Recent figures observed by Jupiter Research indicate that internet matchmaking sites' profits have risen by nearly doubled in the last three years. With expectations that revenues will grow by at least another 16% in the next four years, she has identified a market in need of guidance.

Sharing the scarier, more irritating and best dates of her personal match making experiences, she identifies the most likely dating pitfalls for would-be internet daters to avoid, including:

  • Quickly rushing into traditional dating patterns
  • Accepting outdated photos as proof of timely appearance
  • Settling for online partners who inaccurately portray themselves, their looks or their marital status
  • Being afraid to ask tough or potentially intrusive questions before meeting for a date
  • Failing to thoroughly read the potential dater's profile
  • Ignoring the signs that the potential date is otherwise involved.

Coloccia explains that many singles looking for love in cyber space are tempted to show themselves young, firm, sexy and expertly coiffed. But old pictures belie a darker truth that things may not be what they seem. Single people who are comfortable with themselves inspire more comfortable dating situations for their significant others. Confident singles tell the truth, show themselves for who they are--weaknesses and attributes alike and answer honest questions without shame.

Furthermore, she warns that many potential partners hide behind their charming profiles, refusing to share photos, exchange numbers, or IM at times other than deepest, darkest night. Such behavior indicates that the romancer has something to hide from you or another significant other. Building on real life experience, she proves that proper internet matchmaking practices can lead to romantic success in real time and improper practices are a waste of time.

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