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If you're a single guy looking for an ideal girl that's 5-foot-11, blond hair, blue eyes, flawless skin, and willing to stay home and cook for you, then perhaps consider lowering your standards and then seeing what happens. But if you're the average guy looking for a girl with the only prerequisite being religious affiliation, then there's a thousand dating sites out there to help narrow your search.

It doesn't have to fall under the religious affiliation category either. Personals websites cover about every conceivable quality and nuance of your potential date via their personality profiles. In many ways, the options a matchmaking service offer far outweigh the options of your local bar or other singles scene. But for some reason, internet dating bears the brunt of ridicule for being where the weirdoes and losers hang out.

The sheer odds involved suggest that the power to find a relationship on an online dating site is in your hands should you so choose. If you're really willing to entertain the thought of meeting someone via the web, it can happen. By uploading an honest and thorough profile, showing a few flattering pictures of yourself, and remaining truthful with people when it comes to your "finer points," you shouldn't have any problem. The millions of couples who've met via the net are proof positive of this phenomenon.

It doesn't matter how you look, what you're into, or where you're from; there are many matchmaking services that can help you through the process of finding someone to date. There are countless reasons singles may choose to employ the services of one of these highly publicized and often criticized mediums. It could be that you're seeking a compatible partner; maybe you don't have time to date, you could be new to the area, and so forth. Regardless, you can try your hand and come out a winner.

In the end, "people" will find something wrong with everything in the world. Don't let the naysayers deter your efforts of finding happiness. These are most likely the same people who are offended by Santa Claus and need your attention no matter what they do. Ironically, they're usually the loneliest of all.

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