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Why is it so hard for men and women to communicate with each another? Even though we belong to the same species, when it comes to talking with one another, we seem to need a translator.

Men are pretty fond of saying that they find women inscrutable. But though women don't complain about it as often, claiming instead that men are simple creatures, they do not have a clue about how men act in certain dating situations.

For most women, a man asking to have a drink or a coffee together may seem like an innocuous request for company, but for a man, it is a way of figuring out if she is interested in dating him. Women unused to the dating game may agree to a coffee or lunch together with a guy and later find out that he considered it an expression of a certain level of interest.

If guys invite a woman into their home on any pretext whatsoever and she accepts, they feel she has accepted a higher level of intimacy. A woman, on the other hand may be completely unaware of the impression she has given to her date, and may just be totally unprepared to take the relationship to the next level. Women need to realize that entering a man's domain will seem to him like she is willing to get on with an increased degree of physicality.

At a later stage of the dating, a man sometimes offers to cook dinner for his date, which is usually a signal that he later intends to head the evening towards the bedroom. If a woman is naïve enough to think that the evening would be all about the effort her companion is putting into the food, she is mistaken. Candle-lit home-cooked meals are right on top of a man's arsenal of seduction, and a woman better know it.

Interpreting a man's point of view could be a challenge for women, but it is important that they learn to do it in order to avoid being caught up in unwanted situations in their dating life. A man may accuse a woman of leading him on if she is blissfully unaware of his approach. Forewarned, in this case, is definitely forearmed.

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