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An Outing or a Date?

It is always a little trying to work up the courage to ask her out on a date. But that is when you actually want to take her out on a date. What happens when all you did was ask for her to come along for a game or a movie (with plutonic intentions), and she turned up dressed to the nines, in obvious dating attire? You would know then that a simple friendly hanging-out-together has in fact become a date in the eyes of your companion.

While dressing up is a sure sign, other factors like she lets you pick up the tab whether at the movies or the restaurant is also significant. If you are the one to pick her up, then it is even more dating-like, because traditionally, a man always picks up his date and pays for the evening out.

If the way your date dresses does not give you too-many clues, you can be sure to figure out if she thinks it is a date if she touches you innocuously or playfully in the course of conversation. If women fancy you, they are likely to touch you or make it easier for you to touch them. Other flirty come-hither techniques include widening their eyes and playing with their hair.

If you ask a woman out and mean to really date her, all these are good signs and you are likely succeeding in getting yourself into a relationship. On the other hand, if dating was the furthest thing from your mind, the time to bail out is right now. Let her know that for you, the meeting is not a date, keeping it as subtle as you can: you don't really need to spell it out and make your companion feel bad.

So the next time you ask a girl to hang out with you, make sure you understand what you are about, and keep that in mind while pitching your suggestion.

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