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You're a busy guy, right? You work hard, you work long hours, and sometimes you have to hire help you get things done. Maybe you hire someone to keep your lawn mowed, or your house cleaned. Maybe you even have a personal assistant at work. How about hiring a guy to flirt up your Internet dates for you, too?

Matt Prager will do just that, for a price. Matt Prager is a therapist and former screenwriter who offers his services to busy singles. For a fee, he'll be happy to pretend to be you on the web personals or matchmaking website, compliment and chat with some likely dating prospects, compile a few notes for you, and turn them over to you for a date.

Prager tries to play it out as though he's handling a "dirty chore" for busy single guys. He's taking on the onerous task of getting to know someone for you, finding out their likes and dislikes, their hopes and expectations. If any of the women that are bombarding your dating account make the cut and agree to a date, Prager turns his notes and conversations over to you, and you take it from there.

Of course, this is disingenuous and deceptive, no matter how fine a finish Prager tries to put on it, but that's one drawback from online interactions, sometimes. According to the Guardian article, a third of the people who use online dating services are actually already married, and a survey quoted in the article states that 20% of online daters admitted to using deception to get dates.

Still, Prager will get you results. One of his clients claims he'd had over fifty dates with different women over the course of six months, using Prager's services. For those of you keeping score at home, that's a date about every three days. So, I suppose if you're after quantity over quality, this is the way to go.

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