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Regardless of your age, there's one thing that is important to remember – you have to be safe on the Internet. Safety online extends further than you think, and it includes your online dating site, even if you've paid a membership. Safety and protection of your personal information is extremely important especially on free-based social web sites like Facebook and MySpace. These sites have fewer safeguards in place protecting your information.

If you are choosing to date online, try to use one of the major dating sites such as or is a much safer bet. These personals services are pay-to-use and do a lot more to protect your privacy than free sites can, or will. However, even when you've paid for the services, you still need to be prudent in whom you give your information to and the type of information you share.

It's important to remember that by giving out your full name, your address, phone number or work email address, anyone may be able to find you in just a few keystrokes. You can avoid unnecessary dating annoyances by following a few safety tips:

Your first precaution is your gut feelings – if something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't and you should back out while you still can. The secondary precaution is looking for matchmaking websites that are reputable. While there is no guarantee that someone won't slip through the cracks, it does provide for an extra level of safety.

Thirdly, you should never, ever give out the following information until you are ready:

  • Your full name – use your first name only.
  • Your home phone number – try using your cell phone.
  • Your address – never, ever, until you've been physically dating for a while.
  • Social Security Number – you shouldn't give this to anyone, ever, especially online.
  • The names, ages and gender of your children, including photos – protect yourself and your children, it may not happen often, but some pedophiles use dating sites to use parents to get to children.
  • Your workplace information or work email address – use instead a free, web-based email address to correspond and the messenger system provided by the dating site.

By following these few rules, you can protect your safety and your information as much as possible.

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